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Will Milan Clubs Move Out Of Iconic San Siro?

Inter and AC Milan are close to announcing a joint project for a new stadium, casting aside potential renovations to the San Siro.

Inter CEO Alessandro Antonello tells Gazzetta dello Sport the clubs agree the best way forward is to build a new stadium next to the city-run San Siro then tear down the old stadium.

Antonello says: ‘Inter and Milan are working together. We still have work to do but the time is right. Soon we will inform the city of our shared choice.

‘Milan needs a stadium worthy of the top European cities.’

The San Siro, officially named Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, opened in 1926 and has already had several renovations.

Modernizing the San Siro again could take more time and money than building a new stadium – plus would require Inter and Milan to play elsewhere during construction.

But one person not in favor of tearing down the San Siro is former Inter president Massimo Moratti who has urged Inter and Milan not to knock down San Siro, explaining that ‘it wouldn’t hurt to have two stadiums.’

“I’m really sorry that we’re thinking of knocking down San Siro for more than one reason,” the former Nerazzurri President told Il Giorno.

“First of all, in terms of visibility and comfort, Meazza seems like a cinema or restaurant. The game can be seen very well, like in a living room.

“San Siro isn’t just a sports facility, but it’s also part of the history of the city of Milan and all its people, so I’d avoid sending the bulldozers.

“Cutting costs doesn’t mean having to knock down San Siro, which is a magnificent stadium. I understand the idea of ​​Inter and Milan having a stadium of their own.

“It happens when private companies think about business. Hearts don’t always prevail over wallets, but it wouldn’t hurt to have two stadiums.

“If you have two owners, a 60,000-seater stadium will be completely new and changing its face will be easier.

“It would also make financial sense as less money will be spent.”