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The Yank's Guide To Serie A: Torino

Nickname(s): The Maroons, The Bulls

All-Time Ranking: 7th

2007/2008 Finish: 15th

2008/2009 Position (as of 04/07): 18th

Coach: Giancarlo Camolese

Key Players: Rolando Bianchi, Alessandro Rosina, Roberto Stellone


Torino was one of Italy’s first strong squads and the club has a rich history. In fact, only three current Serie A sides made their first division debut before Torino did in 1909. During the 1940s, the team was nicknamed “The Great Torino” during a run when they won a record five straight Serie A titles and set several respected league records.

Since the 1940s, Torino hasn’t been as strong, though it has performed well in the Coppa Italia. Recent results have been very poor and the squad is currently mired in the relegation zone with only eight games left to play. They have only scored a single goal since February too, so they may be headed down to Serie B in the not-so-distant future.

American Sports Doppleganger:

Torino was the most dominant Serie A team in the 1940s and the titles it accumulated during those years make it one of Italy’s most decorated squads. But, the glory years are long gone, and now they simply look bad. So, I will compare them to MLB’s Pittsburgh Pirates, who won many titles a long time ago but have been pretty poor for three decades.