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The Yank's Guide To Serie A: Siena

Nickname(s): The Black-Whites

All-Time Ranking: 43rd

2007/2008 Finish: 13th

2008/2009 Position (as of 04/07): 15th

Coach: Marco Giampaolo

Key Players: Gianluca Curci, Massimo Maccarone, Daniele Portanova


Siena was founded in 1904, but it would take 100 years for it to make any sort of impact on Italian soccer. Even then, it would just struggle for survival.  Siena’s overall ranking of 43rd in Serie A history is sort of misleading though, as they have recently been a decent side. Why are they the worst all-time team currently playing in Serie A then?

Well, Siena never reached Serie A until 2003, but they have managed to stay afloat in the top flight ever since and even finished 13th last year. But, they have seemingly backtracked this season and lost nearly half their games. Although they are not perilously close to the drop zone, they still need to get some points to stay among Italy’s best.

American Sports Doppleganger:

Siena is the classic perpetual loser who has only recently started to improve their play enough to compete with more talented, well-established sides. Thus, I think they should be compared to the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers. Neither Siena nor the Cavs have won any titles yet, but they both have recently shrugged off their history of pathetic play.