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The Yank's Guide To Serie A: Lazio

Nickname(s): The Eagles, The Sky Blues

All-Time Ranking: 6th

2007/2008 Finish: 12th

2008/2009 Position (as of 04/07): 9th

Coach: Delio Rossi

Key Players: Mauro Zarate, Goran Pendev, Cristian Ledesma


Lazio was founded in 1900 and has been one of Serie A’s more consistent squads. They have won the league title twice, including most recently in 2000. They have also hoisted the Coppa Italia trophy four times. The squad plays its home matches in the historic Stadio Olimpico, which has the largest capacity of any stadium in all of Italy.

The club has featured some of Serie A’s most talented players, including Silvio Piola, Christian Vieri and Hernan Crespo. Unfortunately, the team has twice come under scrutiny for being involved in match-fixing (1980 and 2006) and struggled to recover from both incidents. They now have talent, but usually reside near the middle of the table. 

American Sports Doppleganger:

Lazio has historically been a strong side, and they are one of only two teams other than Juventus, Inter and Milan to win a title in the last two decades. But, they have also been embroiled in two hurtful scandals. So, I think Lazio best resembles the Chicago White Sox of MLB, who also won a recent title but have suffered through notorious scandals.