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The Yank's Guide To Serie A: Juventus

Nickname(s): The Old Lady, The Zebras

All-Time Ranking: 1st

2007/2008 Finish: 3rd

2008/2009 Position (as of 04/07): 2nd

Coach: Claudio Ranieri

Key Players: Alessandro Del Piero, Pavel Nedved, Gianluigi Buffon


Juventus is the most successful team in Italian soccer history and one of the most legendary clubs in world sports. If you think Inter had a ton of trophies, wait until you hear about Juventus. 27 league titles (25 since Serie A was formed), 9 Coppa Italia wins, 2 Champions League titles, and the team’s lengthy list of honors goes on and on. 

The “good times” haven’t lasted forever though. In 2006, Juventus was at the center of the shocking match-fixing scandal that disgraced Serie A. As a result, they were penalized by being relegated to Serie B for the first time in the club’s history, though they made it back to the top flight one year later. Still, it was a dark period for Italy’s champs.

American Sports Doppleganger:

It’s obvious which US sports team best resembles Juventus: the New York Yankees, of course. Both are the most historically dominant team in their respective leagues (the Yankees have 26 titles to Juve’s 27) and they both have fallen on hard times lately. Both are also simultaneously the most beloved and hated teams in their nations.