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The High Cost Of Hiring Antonio Conte For Inter Milan

According to reports in England, Antonio Conte is willing to take over the reins at Inter Milan if they make him the highest paid manager in the Serie A.

Inter president Steven Zhang has reportedly told general manager Beppe Marotta to sign Conte regardless of the cost, and that price tag will be huge.

Conte is said to be not fully convinced about Suning’s Inter project, especially with the gap between Inter and Juventus being 27 points at the moment.

He is looking to see how series Suning are about returning Inter to dominance in Italy and is demanding to be paid a €10 million annual salary after tax which would make him the highest earner among his Serie A managerial rivals.

If Inter give Conte what he wants, then he would earn €3m more than Juventus’ Massimiliano Allegri, who is currently Serie A’s highest-paid manager.

In addition, Inter would have to shell out €25m to current boss Luciano Spalletti if they want to sack him, as his current deal runs for another two years.

Mourinho would demand similar wages to Conte, so that is not the issue. The issue is whether Antonio Conte is the right man for Inter and I am not convinced that he is, and that Inter fans can forget his time at Juventus.

Would you make Conte the highest paid manager in Italy if you ran Inter?