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The Bard's 100 Best Soccer Players: Vieri (#93)

Walk This Way
Creative Commons License photo credit: goatling

The Pick: Christian Vieri barely made my list. I wanted to leave him off my Top 100 completely because I don’t care for the man too much, but I do think he was a great player, so he deserves the honor. I almost used the fact that injury kept him from the 2006 World Cup to snub him, but I just couldn’t deny his spot here since he is a two-time Italian Player of the Year. He also has scored nearly 200 career goals as a pro, most of which came when he was with Inter.

The Flick: The movie about Vieri is going to be a classic. After all, it will have drama since Vieri was known as well for his fiery temper as he was for his brilliant play. His diva attitude clashed with so many managers and teammates that over the course of his career he played for twelve different teams. His bad attitude and ego cost him dearly. So, which actor has the ‘tude to take on the role of Vieri. I like Russell Crowe. He won’t “phone” that role in, I imagine. 

The Limerick: That was a reference to Crowe tossing a phone at a clerk. Yeah…

Sit down son and let me tell you a sad tale about Italy’s star striker

Christian had talent to spare, but with money he could be a real piker

They say his body was lean

But he was cheap and mean

So his managers always asked him to imitate a hitchhiker.