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The Bard's 100 Best Soccer Players: Neeskens (#51)

Creative Commons License photo credit: Soroll

The Pick: Johan Neekens was a dutch delight and he deserves a place on my list of the 100 Best Soccer Players Ever. He treated fans of Clockwork Orange to only 49 of his performances, but still managed to muster nearly 20 goals. His pro career was also legendary, as he took the pitch for the best team in his homeland @ the time (Ajax), a successful side in Spain (Barca), and even a new crew in NY, NY (the defunct Cosmos, for whom he played close to 100 games).  

The Flick: He also helped steer the Netherlands to the World Cup Final twice, only to end up settling for an unsatisfying Silver Medal while his opponents gloated and waved their Golden Balls in his face. He still deserves his place on this list, but he could have been higher up if he had just managed to win in either ’74 or ’78. So, what actor should play him? Well, who is always the bridesmaid and never the bride @ those glitzy Hollywood award shows?

Um, how about Peter O’Toole circa Laurence of Arabia (not Supergirl)?

He was nominated for an Oscar seven times but never won.

The Limerick: Plus, he’s a dead ringer for the Dutch winger. Now it’s rhyme time:

Neeksens played like a hero and should have worn a cape  

But his mentor’s shadow he never could escape 

‘Twas a man named Cruyff, Johan

 No, it wasn’t Lindsay Lohan

Though some say all 3 starred in a sex tape