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The Bard's 100 Best Soccer Players: Costacurta (#77)

AC Milan
Creative Commons License photo credit: -MRTN-

The Pick: Alessandro Costacurta becomes a deserving member of the Bard’s Top 100 today, and I can’t say that it has nothing to do with the fact that his wife is one of the finest specimens God has ever chiseled with his holy… um… chisel, I guess. I mean, seriously, google “Martina Colombari”. You’ll thank me. Just google “Miss Italy” while you are at it and you will see why it is very good to be an Italian soccer star. Costacurta’s career was also a beauty. 

The Flick: The man played his whole career with Milan, where he won five Champions League titles and seven Scudettos. He also donated his efforts to Italy’s National Team, the Azzurri, in nearly 60 matches. Despite all these accolades, I still think of him as the guy with the smoking hot SATO WAG of the Week. What actor also dates an Italian Wag and would also look very good playing Costacurta in a film. Why, it’s George Clooney, of course. 

The Limerick: Alessandro, watch Clooney around Martina, that man’s incorrigible!

Costacurta is a legend honored without reproach

He had the type of skills that one cannot coach

His statistics were silly

  That kid they called “Billy”

Twas’ both goals and a beauty he did poach