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The Bard's 100 Best Soccer Players: Cafu (#57)

Little Brazilian Fan at the Fanfest in NurembergThe Pick: You can look at the fact that I – the Bard – placed Cafu in the #57 position on my ranking of the 100 Best Soccer Players Ever many different ways. If you are a Brazil fan, you likely believe that it is absolutely criminal that I have him so far from the top. You would point out to me that with his 2 freakin’ World Cups and 142 caps for Brazil (a national record), he has a damn impressive resume, and you would be right. But I already have too many BRA guys.

The Flick: Yep, that country is so good that someone as good as Cafu comes in @ #57 just because I need to space these Brazilian dudes out a little bit. Anyways, the real question is not if my ranking is fair but who should play Cafu in my fictional film about his life. We will need someone legendary because Cafu is one of the greatest right backs ever. We will also need someone who looks like Cafu. You know who I like? None other than Sammy Davis, Jr circa 1950.

The Limerick: The Candy Man could have captured Cafu, and here is a rhyme for you:

Cafu spent his pro career in Italy’s top flight

And he won 2 Rimets without putting up a fight

He was great on the pitch

And off of it he was rich

So both mistresses and managers he did delight

Creative Commons License photo credit: ++Frank++