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The Bard's 100 Best Soccer Players: Buffon (#96)

Gianluigi Buffon
Creative Commons License photo credit: dphuonq

The Pick: Gianluigi Buffon probably deserves to be way higher up this list, but I think my ranking formula must have severely underweighted GK statistics. Eh, who cares? After all, GKs are sort of the “kickers” of soccer (which makes no sense unless you are an NFL fan). Regardless, Buffon belongs in any discussion of the best players ever. After all, he is only 31, yet he has already won a World Cup in heroic style and played between the posts in Serie A over 500 times. 

The Flick: Buffon is sort of a scary looking guy, no doubt about it. He has one of those faces with so many cro-magnon features that he appears to be the missing link that Darwin fellow spent so much time trying to find. He does have an amazingly super hot wife though, so I suppose it doesn’t matter how ugly he is. So, who plays him in the movie about his life? I like Eric Roberts for the role. If you have ever seen The Best of the Best 2, you know he’s perfect for it.

The Limerick: I don’t know what that last sentence means either. Here’s a rhyme:

At the 2006 World Cup Final, one goalie received all the raves

His cunning between the posts outwitted opposing knaves

Or maybe it was his uni-brow

Well, I guess it doesn’t matter how

Because either way he won Italy the Cup with his PK saves.