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The Bard's 100 Best Soccer Players: Albertini (#85)

The moment has come...
Creative Commons License photo credit: Abdullah AL-Naser

The Pick: Demetrio Albertini likely needs to rent storage space for all of his trophies. Over fourteen years with Serie A power AC Milan, he won five titles and hoisted a UEFA Champions League trophy. He also took the pitch for the Azzurri nearly 80 times, and he was featured on two of Italy’s World Cup rosters. He was renowned for his ability to put long free kicks past the keeper, but he made this list because he was one of the best passers the game has ever seen.

The Flick: When one witnessed Albertini’s ability to assist, they would be hard-pressed to name another man who could place the ball as precisely as he could. The man didn’t score many goals, but – then again – that wasn’t what he was paid to do. No, his role was to be the guy who sets up the star for the easy goal with his stellar supporting play. So, which actor can play Demetrio? It must be a great supporting player, and not a star, so I like Mark Ruffalo for the role.

The Limerick: Although he never won a World Cup, Albertini deserves this limerick:

Albertini took the pitch for Milan nearly 300 times,

And few mids have been as impressive in their primes,

But I still suspect

That he gets no respect,

So I will honor him here with sublime rhymes.