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Tavecchio: ‘Only Five Serie A Clubs Are Financially Stable’

serie-a-logoAt a ceremony celebrating amateur football in Italy on Tuesday, FIGC President Carlo Tavecchio had some strong comments about the state of football in Italy, stating that “only five clubs could register for Serie A” if financial limits were imposed properly.

Every summer at least one club is declared bankrupt and the most recent serious casualty was Parma, who just gained promotion back into Lega Pro last week.

“We must do everything to ensure there are stadiums without barriers,” said Tavecchio.

“There have to be rules, that if someone steps on to the field, he gets sent to prison. That’s all there is to it. Violence is an enormous problem, but the reason behind it is the lack of sporting culture and adherence to rules in Italy.

“Just think that if we applied the rules strictly, only five clubs could register for Serie A.

“Everyone already knows my idea on this, which is reducing Serie A to 18 teams, 20 in Serie B and Lega Pro as two groups of 20 clubs.”

Any guesses on who the five teams are? A 2014 La Gazzetta dello Sport story said that for the 2012-13 season that only Udinese, Napoli, Chievo, Pescara, Fiorentina and Catania were profitable.

Fast forwarding to today and Juventus is on that list as the five time champions elect are printing money at the moment. Are Udinese, Napoli and Fiorentina still on the list? If so, who am I missing?