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Spalletti: Inter Not Winning Trophies Is A Scandal

New head coach Luciano Spalletti wants an Inter team that measures up to the club’s rich history but concedes there is plenty of work to be done at San Siro.

Spalletti, who was confirmed as Inter boss last Friday, met the press for the first time on Wednesday, and had some interesting comments about making Inter competitive again:

“We need to bring Inter back to where their history tells us they should be,” he told a news conference.

“I ask my players to have faith in me; I’ll back them 100 per cent in every situation. We need them to recognise the shirt they’re wearing, know how much this shirt weighs and give a strong impression right away of what the team must do on the pitch.

“What becomes apparent when you meet people is that everyone is wondering how you can have Inter out of the cups over the years, it is like a scandal.

“It seemed like this to me from the outside as well. I wanted to participate in this difficult period and then have an important and correct reaction.

“I am not smarter than the other coaches who came before me but I’m different. I work my way because I trust it.”

Top scorer Mauro Icardi and winger Ivan Perisic have been Inter’s premier game-breakers of late but doubts persist over their futures.

Perisic has been heavily linked with a move to Manchester United while Icardi’s prolific performances have been tempered by a fractious relationship with the Inter ultras, amid suggestions the burden of captaincy is too much for the 24-year-old.

“I’ll avoid answering on Icardi and Perisic for now,” Spalletti added

“There are strong players at Inter but they have to get into the team mechanism.”It must be the team that works. I want all the players who are able to donate something to their team-mates with their quality.

“Icard is captain. He’ll need to show the right kind of behaviour as well as footballing ability.”