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Spalletti Challenges Marotta Over Ivan Perisic Transfer Rumors

Inter Coach Luciano Spalletti said Ivan Perisic had been “conned” by Arsenal and hinted director Beppe Marotta “did the damage” by revealing his transfer request.

The tactician spoke to RAI Sport and in a Press conference after tonight’s Coppa Italia quarter-final exit at the hands of Lazio, decided in a penalty shoot-out, 1-1 in extra time.

Perisic was on the bench during Inter’s Coppa Italia tie against Lazio where his name jeered by fans, as director Marotta had confirmed the Croatian put in a transfer request last week.

“There was this story on the market, but he is a professional, understands his role and yesterday it was already a very different mood,” said Spalletti.

“These things happen in the transfer window, the player received an impressive proposal and was tempted. However, he then realised it was not a true offer, that he’d been conned, and took a step back.

“Now he’ll resume training and as soon as his mind is back fully on Inter, we’ll let him play.”

Not satisfied with that, Spalletti, who is not in any position of power at Inter after a bad run of results, then proceeded to take a clear sideswipe at Marotta.

“I don’t know if it was a good idea or not to say Perisic wanted to leave, but the player received an important proposal and said he was open to it.

“When he realised the offer was not what he thought, he took a step back, but the damage had already been done. Announcing the situation just created tension around him and the team. Now he’s starting to get back in line, but it’ll take a while.”

There was no need for Spalletti to take a shot at Morotta, as this is a battle he cannot win. Suning have spent a lot of time, effort and money to bring Morotta from Juventus. He is the one running Inter Milan on a day-to-day basis and this will not end well for Spalletti if he keeps pushing back against Morotta.