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Serie A’s Most Valuable Player Is Not Ronaldo

Paul Dybala Juventus

The CIES Football Observatory has released its latest rankings that show the players with the highest estimated transfer value per big-5 league club.

The potentially most expensive player overall, Kylian Mbappé (€228 million), represents 25.9% of the total squad value of Paris St-Germain. A similar percentage was measured for Jadon Sancho (€148 million, 24.9%) at Borussia Dortmund.

Despite his age, Lionel Messi remains the most valuable FC Barcelona’s player: €171 million. The Argentinean is the oldest footballer among those with the highest transfer value out of all big-5 league clubs.

Not a surprise, Mauro Icardi is Inter’s most valuable player at €74m, which is 13% of Inter’s total squad value. But in a mild surprise at Juventus, 34-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo (€125 million) is outranked by Paulo Dybala (€142 million).

Eden Hazard (€121 million) is the most expensive Chelsea FC’s squad member. The Belgian also has the highest transfer value among footballers with only one year of contract remaining, ahead of Timo Werner (€70 million). The German striker is the most valuable RB Leipzig’s player. If they do not extend their contract, both footballers will probably be transferred during the next transfer window.