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Serie A Announces Anti-Racism Initiative

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Serie A ‘strongly condemns’ the racial abuse suffered by Romelu Lukaku and has announced plans for an anti-discrimination initiative starting in October.

The Inter striker was last night subjected to monkey chants by fans of the Sardinian club, who have also targeted Moise Kean and Blaise Matuidi in the past year-and-a-half.

Serie A has come under heavy criticism for its apparent lack of interest in tackling racism, but the League’s governing body confirmed in a statement that it was about to launch a campaign with the intention of educating supporters.

“The President of Lega Serie A, Gaetano Micciche, and the CEO, Luigi De Siervo, express Serie A’s strong condemnation in relation to the incident of racism which involved the Nerazzurri footballer Romelu Lukaku,” it read.

“Lega Serie A has always been against all forms of discrimination and is strongly committed to countering a heinous phenomenon that, though perpetrated by a few stupid people, damages the whole system.

“In October, a national and international initiative will be launched, involving the 20 Serie A teams, with the aim of making every supporter aware of such a delicate and important issue.

“Each club will be asked to select their own player, who will become part of Serie A’s ‘Team Against Racism’, a testimonial that will be the bearer of the values ​​of respect and equality in the first person.

“Racism is a cultural problem, everyone’s commitment will be needed, from experts to fans, to spread a positive, consistent and appropriate model for a civilised country like Italy through its stadia.”

Words, words, words, from an association that has no interest or desire to stamp out racism in Serie A.