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SATO Wednesday WAG: Ilary Blasi (08/12)

The Beauty: The Italian Wags are (in my humble opinion) the world’s hottest WAGs, and Ms. Blasi is their Queen, or “Her Royal Highness of Hotness”. It’s not only because she is perhaps the most stunning beauty of the group, but also because she not only messed around with a top Serie A star, she snagged herself a wedding ring (and huge engagement rock). She’s a model, actress, and TV host. She’s the perfect Italian WAG, so by definition she is one of the world’s best.

The Beast: The star Serie A player who captured Ms. Blasi’s heart was none other than mercurial forward Francesco Totti. He’s a rare one-club man (over 400 appearances for Roma) and an Italian Men’s National Team legend (over 50 caps, not to mention he made the 2006 World Cup All-Star Team). He is a national hero, and he could not have found a better bride than Blasi. Of every amazing feat he has ever accomplished, I bet he knows marrying her was his best. 

The Bard: Because Ms. Blasi is without a doubt one of the current WAG Queens, the Bard will deviseth a (short) sonnet for her:

Many sage man often said that no woman could ever tame Totti.

They said he was a wild stallion, an infamous madman and notoriously naughty.

But along came a fair lady whose beauty could somehow lessen his rage,

And in her he met his match, and the nation’s bachelor beast she did cage

Now when you see her she looks so hot with her couture clothes and handbags

She’s certainly earned her tremendous title of the Queen of the Italian WAGs