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SATO Wednesday WAG: Alessia Fabiani (12/30)

The Beauty: As this is the final SATO Wednesday WAG of 2009, it is fitting the final WAG worshipped in this space will feature the same first name (Alessia) as to first two WAGs honored, Miss Ventura and Miss Marcuzzi. Miss Fabiani is a model (of course) and TV hostess (obviously) who has appeared on reality TV shows (no duh). Thus, she just needs a footballing boyfriend/husband to qualify as the archetypical WAG. She, of course, has snagged herself one. But who?

The Beast: Alessia’s boyfriend is Alessio. Yes, you read that correctly. Alessio Tacchinardi is a defensive midfielder who spent 13 years winning titles with Juventus. He is now with Brescia, a Serie B side. While most English WAGs would have dumped him for moving down to the second division, Alessia has stood by Alessio. It’s probably a smart move on her part as his career has made him a very rich man. It’s definitely smart for Alessio as his lady is luscious.   

The Bard: Alessia deserves an epic love poem, but I ain’t got the time or the rhyme:

It’s almost a New Year, so I will resolve to show you Italy’s Vanna White.

Of all the WAGs I have profiled, I do not know if we have seen a body so tight.

She is so attractive, many footballers have tried to make her their wife.

They even kept courting her after she was on Italy’s version of The Simple Life.

On that show, she and some other models had to live in little shanties.

Although they were annoying, people tuned in to see them in tiny panties.

2009 has now come to a close, and I hope you have liked looking at WAGs.

Please come back to SATO in 2010 to learn about more players’ hags.