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SATO Wednesday WAG: Rachele di Fiore (12/16)

The Beauty: Rachele di Fiore is a classic WAG. She’s beautiful, she’s got a footballer husband, and she’s got a gig of her own on a reality show. Rachele is the host of Italy’s version of Big Brother, which I am going to assume translates to something like Grande Fraterne. If anyone who speaks Italian would like to provide us with a correct translation, it would be appreciated. Rachele is an oft appreciated woman as well. So, which Serie A star snagged her? 

The Beast: Vincenzo Montella is retired now, but he was a well-respected Serie A (and Italian National Team) player for almost two decades. He spent most of his career (over 200 games) with Roma, but he played for many clubs. Unfortunately, he spent some of his prime on the pine because Capello hated him. Now, he is now a coach with Roma.

The Bard: Rachele deserves a majestic rhyme, but I ain’t got the time:

For a soccer star, stability and focus are two virtues which are most vital.

Just ask Vincenzo, whose amazing play led to Roma’s last title.

His fans worshipped him, and they called him “The Little Airplane”.

He could play so well because at strip clubs he never “made it rain”.

How is it that Roma’s former superstar never let his imagination roam?

Well, you wouldn’t either if you had Rachele di Fiore at home.