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SATO Wednesday WAG: Rosaria Cannavo (11/11)

The Beauty: I am not going to lie, Rosaria Cannavo is one of the WAGs who I just don’t find that sexy. I mean, look at her in the picture at left. Sure, her body is pretty flawless, but it also looks fake. I, for one, prefer natural looking ladies to fem-bots. While her look doesn’t do it for me personally, it obviously does much for most men, including a few soccer stars. Rosario is a model and TV host, but before she burst on the media scene, she was a ballerina. 

The Beast: Christian Panucci is Cannavo’s current boytoy, but she also used to be romanced by Antonio Cassano. Cassano played well for Roma for years before flaking out at Real Madrid and returning home to Sampdoria. He is known as one of the world’s laziest players. Panucci plays for Parma and used to play for the Nats. Panucci missed the 2006 WC because Lippi hated him, but Donadoni brought him back in the fold. He just wanted Cannavo in the stands.

The Bard: Rosario is a beauty and a graceful dancer, so I will send her these stanzas:

Are you a red-blooded man who has watched Italian television shows?

Then you probably also think Italy’s TV producers are true heroes.

Every female TV host they employ must have a pair of world class jugs.

Take Ms. Cannavo for instance, who is often subjected to creepy hugs.

It’s sort of her own fault, as her breasts she likely did enhance.

While they’ve made her famous, they also make it difficult for her to dance.