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SATO Turn Back the Clock: Vittorio Pozzo

Vittorio Pozzo is like the Vince Lombardi of FIFA World Cup football coaches.  He was the original great coach of the global tournament and some of his achievements still have not been matched many decades later.  He was arguably the coach of the most dominant run of one-sided national football the world has ever seen engineering Italy’s national side in the 1930’s to many trophies and titles. 

Pozzo was the manager of Italy’s national team from 1929 well into the 1930’s and 40’s and that first decade of football which Pozzo was the coach belongs to Italy and Italy alone.  Pozzo’s record as manager of the squad was 64 wins, 17 draws, and 16 losses of the era and most impressive Pozzo was the manager of two different World Cup teams a feat that today still remains unmatched by any coach.  In fact Italy was so good when Pozzo was at the helm that the squad from December 1934 until 1939 never lost a single international match which still today remains one of the most unbelievable streaks for any organized sport.

Pozzo was fortunate enough to have a well rounded football education bestowed upon him in his youth.  Pozzo was a football player himself around the turn of the 20th century and he played in Switzerland for Grasshopper-Club Zurich, then he played briefly in France before he moved back to Torino in 1906 which was a club he would later coach for nearly a decade.  The Old Master was also the coach of AC Milan for a few seasons before taking over the national team job in 1929.

Vittorio Pozzo is an Italian football legend and is responsible for two of Italy’s World Cup titles.