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SATO Celebrity Faceoff: Pacino VS De Niro

The Showdown: 

Two of the greatest Italian-American actors of all time face off on the football pitch. 

Only one man can win. 

Which actor would be the better player to build a football club around?  Is it Tony Montana or Jake La Motta?  Frank Serpico or Travis Bickle?  Michael Corleone or Vito Corleone?  The stakes have been raised, the Heat is on, and one of them will go in for the Righteous Kill.  Who will be our honorary SATO Godfather of Football?

 Tale of the Tape:

Al Pacino:      Works: The Godfather, Scarface, Scent of a Woman         

 Height:5″7        Awards: 1 Oscar, 7 Nominations

Al Pacino is as feisty as they get on the pitch.  With his wild ability to rant and rave about anything possible, he does have the potential to lull the defense to sleep and then steal the ball away and place it into the net.  If you think I’m being too harsh on Mr. Pacino please rent the film Two for the Money.   Pacino would likely have a knack for good field positioning though.  He does have an underrated ability to understand his surroundings.  His only Oscar win was surprisingly not as a mobster, but as a extraordinary blind man in Scent of a Woman. 

Robert De Niro         Works: Raging Bull, Taxi Driver, Casino

Height: 5″10               Awards: 2 Oscars, 4 Nominations

Robert De Niro is more well known for his strong silent type of characters, but the actor is also well known for blowing up at the climax of the movie, so you never know what you’re gonna get with Mr. De Niro.  Will it be the level-headed leader or the raging psycho?  De Niro is also keen to athletic roles and losing weight as a method actor.  When he won the Oscar for Raging Bull the actor gained and lost well over 50 pounds to play Jake La Motta.  With that type of conditioning it would take a lot to stop the Bull.

The Result: With a lot of respect for the two’s acting chops it is a tough decision, but De Niro is the perceived better football player.  De Niro has more of a cool, quiet demeanor that would probably be better for a club atmosphere.  Pacino’s style might create controversy.  His dramatic rants would likely draw a few red cards and the actor is also known to only put out 88 Minutes worth of an effort.

Congrats Mr. De Niro, you are the official SATO Godfather of Football.