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Ronaldo Surprised With Quality Of Serie A

Juventus forward Cristiano Ronaldo has admitted that it is tougher to score goals in Serie A than in the La Liga and the Premier League.

In nine seasons at the Bernabeu, Ronaldo scored a remarkable 450 goals in 438 games. An extraordinary return that will probably never be repeated.

However, the Portuguese superstar – who turned 34 last month, remember – has ‘only’ managed to score 21 goals in his first 35 matches with Juve.

Of course, it’s important to note this is his first season in Italy. Adjusting to a new league can be a little tricky, even for a player of Ronaldo’s calibre and experience.

I didn’t expect Serie A to have so much quality’ but Ronaldo insists ‘I don’t miss’ Real Madrid.

“I’m happy to be in Italy and such a competitive League,” continued the Portuguese to DAZN.

“My experience has been very good so far. I feel good about myself. I feel suited to the Italian League and it’s a difficult League to play in.

“in my opinion, it’s the hardest for attackers. It’s a League with a lot of quality. I didn’t expect the Italian League to have so much quality.

“I’m happy, my family and children are happy. Everything is positive. We’ve settled well, my family loves Italy.

“It’s a different lifestyle, a different country, a different language and a different culture, but I’ve adapted well.

“I’ve lived away from home since I was 11, so I have no problem adapting. I went to England when I was 18, Madrid when I was 25 and Turin when I was 33.

“It’s not difficult for me to adapt to a different country or culture. I don’t miss Spain or Portugal. Things are as they are.

“Obviously I left behind a lot of friends, I left a big club. I left a club who gave me a lot of love, fans, friends…

“However, I don’t miss the country because I have the same things here. It wasn’t hard for me.

“Everything was very intense, interesting and different, but I adapted well I’m happy.”

The 34-year-old has scored 21 goals for Juve since arriving last summer, adding to his experiences in Spain and England…

“In my opinion, it’s more difficult to score in Serie A than La Liga, which is more open,” explained Ronaldo.

“The teams take more risk there, while the priority here is to defend well and then attack. In Spain it’s not the case. There’s almost always a more open game.

“I also played in England for five years, but I still think it’s hardest to score in the Italian League.”