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Raiola Fuels Rumors of Juventus Return For Pogba

Paul Pogba Juventus

Paul Pogba wants to return to Juventus. He wants it with strength, with all of himself. Since September the Manchester United midfielder has been sending out clear signals, acknowledged by the Juventus management which has understood perfectly that they have the total appreciation of the Frenchman.

Yes, Pogba wants to leave Manchester United where the relationship with the whole United environment is increasingly flawed and he is pushing to be freed in the summer, only one year before the expiration of his contract (June 2021).

After watching Juventus and AC Milan battle to a 1-1 draw in the Coppa Italia on Thursday night, Mino Raiola spoke to reporters about the future of Paul Pogba, fueling the rumours of a return.

“Just like Ibra, Italy is also a second home for Pogba. He wouldn’t mind returning to Juventus, we will talk about it after the Euros,” he stated.

Mino Raiola’s statements are not accidental, far from it. The agent’s announcement of Juventus’ desire is a public signal to Man United: Pogba wants to leave, he often hears from his Juve teammates, he would like a return to Turin above all.

The super-agent will work to lower the price compared to the 90/100 million euros demanded by United, despite Pogba’s disappointing performances, injuries and more. And the Red Devils are looking to resist until the European Championship to exploit another possible French run for the title and keep the price high.

Meanwhile, Juventus appreciate the player’s strategy and have given positive feedback to Pogba and will work on the player’s great return in the summer. At its own economic conditions and without overspending. The price is an obstacle but Raiola has already been working on it for weeks.