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Pogba Confesses Love For Juventus

paul-pogba-new1Fascinating comments from Juventus star Pail Pogba about his commitment to Juventus. The France midfielder, who joined Juventus from Manchester United in 2012, insists he loves the club 100%.

Pogba has been linked with a world record move away from Turin for the last 12 moths with Chelsea, Manchester City and Barcelona all rumored to be possible destinations.

But Pogba’s comments on Thursday seem to suggest he could stay beyond the current season.

“Juve are the first team where I started to play,” Pogba said.

“They’re the team who allowed me to go to the national team, the team where I scored my first goal, so now they’re the club of my heart.

“They let me prove myself in football, and had the confidence in me to put me on the pitch.

“How much do I love Juve out of 10? 10! Since I’ve been here, I’ve always given my best for the club, for the shirt, for everything. I play at 100 per cent. Always.”

Chelsea failed in a £70 million move for Pogba in the summer and there have been suggestions out of Spain that hes already signed a pre-contract with Barcelona for next season.

However his agent Mino Raiola has claimed no agreement is in place saying:

“We said no to several teams, and continue to move forward, judging the moment,” Raiola said.

“We can’t say that Pogba will leave after this season, he could stay another year at Juventus.

“We don’t have a pre-agreement with anyone.”

He added:

“When the right project comes along at the right time for everyone then we could leave, but an agreement has to be reached with Juventus first.

“His value? You’d have to ask Juventus, they’ve always said that they won’t even talk about it for less than €100m (£71m).

“Maybe this year they’d ask for more, but it depends on the transfer market, which has been influenced by Financial Fair Play in recent years.”

Despite Pogba and Maiola’s comments I expect him to leave Juventus this summer in a world record deal, probably after next summer’s EUROs.

It is in both their interest to generate a bidding war between at least two teams. Confessing his love for Juve is a tactic by Pogba to show Barca, Chelsea and Man City that he could stay in Turin if they don’t meet his financial demands.