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Piero Ausilio Heaps Pressure On Inter Manager

In his pre-match comments before Inter Milan drew 2-2 with Torino in Sunday, Piero Ausilio added pressure on under-fire boss Luciano Spalletti by stating that he believes that the Inter squad “is now complete”.

“We did what we had to do, maintained what we needed to and organised everything with the Coach to make a very competitive side,” Ausilio told Sky Sport Italia.

“Last week at Sassuolo was a slip-up, it can happen, but the quality of the squad cannot be put in doubt because of that.”

Ausilio clearly drawing a line in the sand that he and Suning did their job over the summer to put Inter in a position to compete this summer. One point from their opening two matches is not the kind of return that Ausilio was looking for.

It will be a long week for Spalletti leading up to next weekend’s trip to Bologna, where nothing less than three points will do.