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Paratici: ‘Juventus Happy With Current Strikers’

Juventus director Fabio Paratici insists they are not chasing Mauro Icardi, are “happy Paulo Dybala is with us” and explains Joao Cancelo’s move to Manchester City.

Giorgio Chiellini’s flick from close range proved enough for Juventus to start the season with victory in Parma, as Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal was disallowed.

Curiously, Dybala started on the bench, while Gonzalo Higuain is in the starting XI with Blaise Matuidi and Sami Khedira.

“Dybala on the bench has nothing to do with the bench. He is a great Number 10 for Juve, we’re happy he is with us,” the director of sport told Sky Sport Italia.

“As for the rest, the start of the season has always been one of slowly introducing new players, it was the same with Conte, Allegri and now Sarri, to help them adapt.”

Paratici was asked about potential interest for Inter hitman Icardi.

“We are happy with the forwards at our disposal, which is envied by everyone on an international level. Everyone can interpret that answer the way they want, but we are very happy with the strikers in our squad.

“If you put together all their goals in recent years, it’s an extraordinary number. That says it all.”

Despite that, it is a little strange that Juventus have not assigned the Number 9 jersey so far this season.

“At this moment, as I’ve already said, we are very happy with the group of strikers at our disposal. It is difficult to improve our squad, we believe we did that over the summer, strengthening those positions we thought needed something. We weren’t lacking quality, but needed to fill some gaps in terms of numbers, for example a defender and a midfielder.

“We have many great strikers, including Gonzalo Higuain, who has returned now.”

Paratici and his former mentor Beppe Marotta clashed repeatedly on the market this summer, so will there be tension if Juve have to negotiate directly with Inter?

“Many things can happen in the transfer market. If and when we sit around with Marotta to discuss transfers, it’ll be very cordial, just as it always is with every club. That’s a pretty obvious question.”