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Pallotta And Roma Face UEFA Charges

Roma President James Pallotta faces a UEFA charge for ‘improper conduct’ after branding a lack of VAR in Europe ‘an absolute joke’.

The Associated Press reports UEFA’s disciplinary panel will judge Pallotta’s case on May 31, five days after the Champions League Final.

Roma lost 7-6 to Liverpool on aggregate in their semi-final, but the American did not hold back after the second leg, his team having been denied two clear penalties.

“It’s absolutely clear that VAR is needed in the Champions League, because you can’t let stuff like this go,” Pallotta told reporters in the mixed zone after the match.

“You can all look at it yourself. Dzeko wasn’t offside, got taken down for a penalty. At the 65th minute, there was a handball that was obvious to everybody in the world except those on the pitch. In the 67th minute Schick gets taken down in the box, I mean it’s just…

“I know it’s difficult to ref, but it’s really embarrassing when we lose on aggregate like that… By the way, it should’ve been a red card, so would’ve been 10 men from the 63rd minute.

“Again, congratulations to Liverpool, they’re a great team, but if we don’t get VAR in the Champions League, stuff like this is an absolute joke.”

Pallotta says he reacted to UEFA opening disciplinary proceedings against him by ‘dying of laughter’.

Pallotta faces being charged by UEFA for ‘improper conduct’ after he branded the lack of VAR in Roma’s Champions League semi-final defeat to Liverpool ‘an absolute joke’.

“I’m surprised by the opening of this disciplinary procedure,” he told ANSA.

“For me, UEFA’s conduct is inappropriate. What do I think? I’m dying of laughter.

“The authorities, CONI and Roma guaranteed professionalism that I’ve never seen in any sporting event before.

“We couldn’t be any more proud of our fans and the city.”

Roma have also been charged after fans set off fireworks, while they also face action for “insufficient organisation” and blocked stairways.

The Giallorossi’s focus returns to securing a top-four place in Serie A this weekend with a trip to Cagliari on Sunday.