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Napoli To Tour USA This Summer

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In a late surprise for Napoli fans in the US, Carlo Ancelotti’s side will play two games in the US against Barcelona this summer as part of the first LaLiga Serie A Cup.

The first match will take place in Miami on August 7th before the two clubs head to Ann Arbor Stadium at the University of Michigan on August 10th.

The inaugural competition will see Napoli make a long-awaited return to the States.

Napoli recently announced friendlies against Liverpool and Olympique Marseille, and Aurelio De Laurentiis told Radio Kiss Kiss that two more with Barca had been lined up.

“I promised a gift to the Napoli fans in August: I didn’t say anything because I’d signed a commitment,” said De Laurentiis.

“I can say now that there will be two clashes with Barcelona in the US on August 7 in Miami and August 10 in Detroit.

“We could not be happier to be playing against Barcelona in the United States

“Our club has not visited the country for thirty years and the chance to go back to the American market for these two games and against an opponent like Barca is extraordinary for us.”

“After Benevento and Cremonese, the third friendly at our Dimaro retreat (on July 19) will be against a Serie B team.

“Then we will face Liverpool and Marseille before leaving for the United States and our double-header against Barcelona.”

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