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Napoli Players’ Families ‘Flee Their Homes’ In Fear Of Revenge Attacks

The families of Napoli players ‘have been forced to flee their homes’ in fear of revenge attacks by ultras as the fall-out from their training retreat mutiny rumbles on.

Allan’s house was broken into while Piotr Zielinski had his car vandalised by furious fans amid the fall-out with Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis.

Allan’s wife Thais, who is seven months pregnant, took to social media at the weekend to say how thugs broke into her family’s home in broad daylight and inflicted damage.

Now, Rai News report that she has sought refuge in a hotel with her husband and two children.

Meanwhile, Lorenzo Insigne’s wife, Jenny, has gone to her parents’ house and plans to remains there while her husband is away on international duty with Italy.

Zielinski’s wife Laura Slowiak has travelled to Poland while her husband is on international duty after their car was vandalised by fans.

The club’s ultras appear to have taken the law into their own hands to intimidate the ringleaders of the squad’s decision not to attend a training camp ordered by De Laurentiis following a run of poor form.

De Laurentiis has threatened to take legal action against his player and deduct up to 25 per cent of their salaries as punishment.

A number of other Napoli players, including defender Kalidou Koulibaly, have hired bodyguards to provide security for themselves and their families.

Napoli have started the season inconsistently and sit seventh in the Serie A table, some 13 points behind the leaders Juventus even at this early stage of the campaign.

De Laurentiis was angered by their performance in a 2-1 defeat at Roma on November 2 and ordered manager Carlo Ancelotti and the squad ‘in ritito’ to a training camp for the week.

However, after the 1-1 draw with Red Bull Salzburg in the Champions League, the players went home and did not report to the club’s Castel Volturno training ground as requested.

That followed an open rebellion against the president’s order inside the dressing room, with captain Insigne telling Edo De Laurentiis, the president’s son and club vice-president, they would not go to the camp.

Other senior figures in the room, including Dries Mertens and Jose Callejon, backed him up. Allan, the Brazilian central midfielder, reportedly screamed vulgar words in the vice-president’s face.

As both sides dug in, reports in Italy suggested that De Laurentiis was prepared to sell the mutinous players.

And the club’s hardcore supporters have sought to punish those involved in the disagreement, leaving their families fearing for their safety.

‘ENOUGH!’ wrote Allan’s Thais on Instagram over the weekend.

‘I think now it is really getting out of hand and I cannot take it anymore. First my husband is attacked not for what he does on the field, but some alleged accusations created on purpose by someone who wants to distort reality…

‘Then every day I get insulted on social media with disrespectful words. This week it even happened while I was out shopping.

‘Last night, we add this enormous scare! People who broke into the house in full daylight, creating chaos and messing up the children’s rooms, violating our intimate home space. My children were crying, terrified!

‘We’ve been welcomed so well since arriving in Naples, but now people cannot use fake news to treat a family and children like this.

‘This is not football. This is not how you support a team.’