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Mercato: Inter To Sell Gabigol Back To Flamengo

Gabigol Inter

Flamengo Vice-President Marcos Braz reveals his club has successfully negotiated a price “well below €22m” for Inter loanee Gabriel Barbosa.

The Brazilian striker is currently preparing to face Liverpool in the Club World Cup Final on Saturday, but his future continues to be a topic of interest.

Now, one of their chiefs have confirmed that they have already agreed a fee to sign their top goalscorer permanently.

“We will immediately resume talks for Gabigol after the Club World Cup Final,” Braz told Fox Sports.

“The discussions with Inter are fine. It’s a project that has worked and we want it to continue.

“With Inter, things have been going well for three or four months. A price was negotiated three months ago, there seems to be no change there.

“We are very optimistic about Gabriel. The figure is well below €22m.”

However, Calciomercato.com says the deal is not as close to being completed as Flamengo are stating because Inter are holding out to see if they can get a higher offer from someone else.

But for now, the only concrete offer is from Flamengo and as things stand, Europe remains a dream for Gabigol.