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Mercato: Antonello Says No Offers For Icardi

Mauro Icardi

Inter’s CEO insists there have been “no offers” for Mauro Iuardi and “there’s a willingness on both sides to discuss a renewal”.

The Argentinian striker has a €110m release clause in his contract, but it’s only valid for two weeks this month, and not for Italian clubs.

“Icardi is the captain of Inter and there’s a contract in place,” Alessandro Antonello pointed out on Gr Parlamento.

“There’s a willingness on both sides to discuss a renewal, we’ll meet in the next few weeks to go down that road and hope for the satisfaction of both parties.

“Offers? So far none have arrived.

“As for Luciano Spalletti, there’s a contract in place and in the coming weeks we will also address the theme of the renewal of the contract of the Coach.”

The Nerazzurri have returned to the Champions League, can they now mount a Scudetto challenge?

“The primary objective is to reduce the gap, if we look at the table last season there was a huge points difference between ourselves and Juventus.

“So we want to reduce that gap and do our best to improve on last year’s results.

“Joao Cancelo? He was important for us and the Champions League qualification but there weren’t the conditions to keep him.

“So he went, but we’re building an equally competitive team.”

Antonello was also asked about the financial situation of city rivals Milan.

“I want to stay focused on Inter,” the director replied.

“Everything we’ve done on the transfer market has been weighed-up and evaluated from a sustainability point of view. Small steps, but correct steps that can be sustained.

“It’s not good for Italian football that an important team like Milan isn’t allowed to compete in Europe, but we must remember that there are rules and they must be respected.

“There are rules and we have to adhere to them.”