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Marotta: Juventus Won’t Sell Best Players

morotta-juveJuventus general director Giuseppe Marotta is insisting that this will be a quiet summer in Turin as none of their players are for sale.

Media speculation has been growing that Paul Pogba and Alvaro Morata will leave the champions-elect this summer but Marotta maintains that the Old Lady are determined to keep their most important players and he warned that they will fight tooth and nail to keep Pogba in particular.

“No Juventus player is for sale or on the market at the moment,” Marotta told Radio anch’io lo Sport. “Over the last few years, the club have made a clear choice when it comes to Pogba.

“For us he has been a decisive player in recent seasons. He has done well with us, has grown and matured at this club and has now become a champion, by playing in an environment where he is happy and comfortable.

“When it comes to the market, you have to take many things into account but mostly it comes down to the club not wanting to sell any of our most important players on one hand and the will of the player to stay on the other.”

The challenge for Marotta and Juve is that player movement to some degree is out of their hands. There are very strong rumors coming from Spain that Real Madrid will exercise their option to buy back Morata from Juventus, before selling him on to Arsenal for a profit. A deal that Juve would be against, but would be powerless to stop.

As for Pogba, you never know what his outspoken agent Mino Raiola has planned for the midfielder this summer. Raiola tried to get a bidding war going for his client last summer, but the price never reached the €100m transfer fee that he was hoping for.

But he will try again, and might reach that if Pogba is one of the stars at this summer’s Euro’s. With a pending transfer ban looming over Real Madrid this will be their last chance to buy Pogba for two seasons, and by then he will be somewhere else. Pep Guardiola reportedly wants to build his new Manchester City side around Pogba, and with the new TV deal in England, you could expect several other teams joining the bidding war for Pogba.