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Marotta: ‘Inter Bring Winning Mentality’

Beppe Marotta said Antonio Conte and Inter must rely on “the values of hard work, a winning mentality and a sense of belonging.”

The Nerazzurri held their first Press conference of the season with director general Marotta and new Coach Conte.

“I wish first and foremost to underline that Inter have emerged from the UEFA Financial Fair Play settlement agreement and that is a strong sign for the future going forward,” said Marotta.

“I am fully aware and grateful that the situation is simpler for me coming here now than it was in the past for Inter.

“It is important to choose the values that represent this club and we have an example in the trophy room of our new media headquarters.

“The values are the culture of hard work, so discipline, rigour and respect. The second is the culture of victory, a winning mentality we must bring back to this club. The third value is a sense of belonging, which makes you love the jersey and club colours.

“I wish to underline what we’ve done as men. We rapidly brought in Conte, because we believe in him. I’ve been in football for many years and am often asked how important a Coach is to the running of a club and I still cannot answer that accurately. I know Conte well, but above all I must consider the results he achieved as a player, as a Coach and as the Italy team manager.

“Conte’s approach is in line with those values we want to bring to the whole team and club, so we can achieve strong results fitting this glorious club.”