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Mancini: ‘Inter Offered Me A Three-Year Deal’

Roberto Mancini reveals he was offered a three-year contract to stay with Inter, stands up for Claudio Ranieri and denies Leicester City talks.

The Coach spoke to Radio Deejay ahead of tonight’s guest slot on Italy’s version of Dancing with the Stars.

“I have not talked to anyone from Leicester, so that is not true,” he assured after reports he was the favourite to replace sacked Premier League winner Ranieri.

“The team is having trouble, but what Ranieri did last season was incredible. He could’ve taken them to Premier League safety this season too. I’m afraid in England the clubs are picking up some of our bad Italian habits.

“Last year was the miracle, this term things just seem to be going wrong for Leicester. They also lost a fundamental player like N’Golo Kante.

“I don’t believe the players were actively working against him, as I’ve never seen any player do that. It’s also not true that I ever got into a fight with a player.

“As for Carlos Tevez, I told him to warm up and he didn’t warm up. I asked him to apologise and we’d end it there. Instead he went to Argentina and didn’t return for three months.”

Mancini walked away from Inter just two weeks before the start of the Serie A season, so what happened?

“I left in August because quite simply the conditions to carry on together just weren’t there. There were situations that I was not happy with.

“A Coach, once he starts the season, has to take responsibility for how things go and we were still missing some elements for me to accept that responsibility. The team was good, we were not far off being able to compete for the top, but in my view certain decisions had to be made.

“The new Chinese owners had proposed a three-year contract, it was all ready and waiting to be signed, but I refused.”