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Mancini Blames Referee For Inter Defeat

Roberto-Mancini-IMFCAfter being forced to play the entire second half with ten men, Inter coach Roberto Mancini didn’t hesitate in blaming the referee for the Nerazzurri’s 2-1 defeat to Napoli on Monday.

Adem Ljajic’s goal wasn’t enough to cancel out a brace from Gonzalo Higuain, as Yuto Nagatomo was sent off for two yellow cards before the end of the first frame.

Mancini didn’t hold back in criticising the referee for sending off the Japanese full-back, as he believes Jose Callejon’s simulation resulted in an unwarranted first booking.

“Nagatomo was sent off for committing a slight foul for his second yellow card on Allan,” he told Premium Sport.

“The card on Callejon came because he simulated. I’m a bit upset after the match as I don’t want to hear lies after the match.

“Callejon simulated. It looks as though he was hit by a tractor. We are playing football, not ping pong or basketball. You can’t book a defender for a foul in the opposition’s half in the 40th minute of the first half.

“Nagatomo should have been more careful on the second foul, but he didn’t deserve his first yellow.”

Despite his anger with how the match was officiated, Mancini lauded his players for their reaction in the second half after coming close to leveling the score in injury time.

“The important thing is that we got back into the match,” he added. “Napoli are the best team in the league. It was an open match, but it was ruined.

“It’s difficult to comment on it, but the fact we competed makes me ponder over a lot things.

“We played well and didn’t deserve to lose. Now we must bounce back and start over.”

Not sure I can agree with Mancini on this. Nagatomo’s second yellow is a yellow card in any league in the world. It was a wold and reckless tackle, and with seconds until the half-time whistle and Allan going nowhere, you would not expect that a player as experienced as Nagatomo to make such a tackle.

Do you agree with Mancini? Did the referee cost Inter at least a point on Monday night?