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Luciano Spalletti On The State Of Inter

Inter Milan boss Luciano Spalletti hinted he would take back Geoffrey Kondogbia, described Walter Sabatini as ‘a footballing samurai’ and pledged his future to Inter.

Doubts have been cast over whether Valencia can afford their €25m purchase option for Kondogbia, Sabatini resigned as Inter’s technical coordinator on Thursday and Spalletti’s future has also come under the spotlight due to Suning Group’s lack of spending.

“Loanees? One of them is Kondogbia. If Valencia don’t exercise their option to buy him… It depends on them,” the Coach said at a Press conference for Saturday’s game against Verona in Serie A.

“The others only left recently. Nagatomo’s doing well, Joao Mario has put in some interesting performances and Gabigol has scored a few goals.

“All that counts tomorrow is winning the match, regardless of tactics or mental strength. Midfield? Rafinha, Brozovic and Gagliardini are as important as the others.

“We did well with other players at the start of the season, but Rafinha’s added technique and quality through the middle.

“His physical condition is improving and he’s another weapon for us because he’s different from the others.

“I also want to take this opportunity to congratulate Stefano Vecchi for his victory at Viareggio. It’s the umpteenth time I’ve had to.

“Verona more important than the derby? Yes, we need a win against Verona so we can be ready and in the right condition.

“Sabatini? It’s clear that his resignation has made noise, above all because of his reputation.

“Personally I’m very sorry for him. I know him well and the quality he has. That said, his resignation leaves no legacy behind, for better or worse, because whoever’s at Inter must put them before everything. For me, Sabatini is a footballing samurai.

“Why he left? I don’t want to enter a confrontation between him and the club. It would be wrong of me, I’m out of it.

“Champions League the minimum goal? I have to be able to get my players to give their best and, through their best, reach their highest position possible.

“I don’t know how the season will end, but we have the possibility of reaching a very important objective. The desire to make 60,000 fans happy tomorrow must be very strong.

“Team selection with the derby in mind? No, the choices will be geared towards tomorrow’s match.

“My contract? Mine isn’t expiring and I’ll be the Coach of Inter again next season. Contracts don’t count for anything. They only serve to make a little noise.

“I’m fine at Inter, I feel good here and I’m happy to stay. Of course, if I didn’t achieve the objectives I set out, it’d be very annoying and something that would bother me forever.

“However, it doesn’t affect my desire to work here. Cancelo and Rafinha next season? These are things that we’ll consider nearer the time.

“We’re also following players who we have out on loan and previously couldn’t improve.

“Rafinha really likes it here in Milan, I asked him and he replied that he liked being at Inter.”