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Lippi Believes Serie A Title Race Will Go Down To The Wire

Former Italy boss Marcello Lippi believes there is an exciting title race on the cards with the tussle between Juventus and Inter Milan for Serie A to go down to the wire.

Maurizio Sarri’s Juventus are currently at the summit of the Italian top flight, after lifting the trophy in the previous eight seasons.

However Antonio Conte’s Inter are hot on their heels, just one point behind after 13 matches.

And Lippi, who managed both sides, expects the close battle between Juve and Inter to continue.

“It’s very nice because it has certainly made the start to the season more interesting,” he told Corriere dello Sport. “I think it may last until the very end.”

“In August I thought there would have been three teams involved, but Napoli have fallen behind and it will be difficult for them to catch up.

“[Carlo] Ancelotti is a very good coach; I can guarantee you that he will improve the [Napoli] squad but, even if he gets them through this difficult period, the gap is now already too big.

“The campaign will be more open compared to the previous years and this is very good for Italian football.

“In Italy, Juventus are still the only unbeaten team, they are already through to the knockout stages of the Champions League and are League leaders. And, they are just taking 60-70 percent of their chances.

“Juventus are going through a period of transformation, from the style of Allegri to that of Sarri. So far, he has won more thanks to the quality of the individuals rather than his style of play.

“The win in Bergamo proves this. They suffered for long periods, but then the class of [Gonzalo] Higuain, [Paulo] Dybala and others weighed in.

“The opponents of Juve should be worried. As soon as the Bianconeri improve their performances, there won’t even be a story this year.

“In football you can’t take anything for granted and the maths is something else.

“Since one team have been winning for eight years and strengthened further over the summer, it’s inevitable to expect that this era of success will continue.”