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Leonardo: ‘Bacca and Silva could Leave But Suso Will Stay

Leonardo confirms Carlos Bacca and André Silva could be sold this summer, and that Suso and Alessandro Lucci are going nowhere.

The general manager was at Casa Milan today for Ivan Strinic and Pepe Reina’s presentation, and he was quizzed about players who could leave.

“We have a great relationship with Bacca,” Leonardo replied.

“We’re trying to solve things in a positive atmosphere, he knows the situation and he has his needs, we’ll see if we can resolve things. He could also stay.

“As for André Silva, there are many situations we’ve tried to understand. We need to understand everyone’s intentions and in some cases it’s difficult, we’re trying to build.

“It’s possible that he’ll leave, but we need to see where and how.”

Leonardo went on to say that “we’ve never thought about” selling Suso, after meeting his agent today.

The Spanish winger has been linked with a move to Roma, and the Giallorossi met with his representative yesterday.

Today Leonardo and Paolo Maldini also met with Alessandro Lucci, fuelling speculation that a deal could be moving forward.

“We’ve never thought about his departure,” Leonardo said.

“There’s been nothing to make us think otherwise. He’s very important for us, these meetings take place to get to know the new owners. There’s no reason to think he can’t stay here.

“We didn’t talk about offers, we talked only about what exists. We need to meet individually with all the players, these meetings are normal things for a new ownership.”