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Lazio Under Pressure As Inter Run Wild At Udinese

Simone Inzaghi admits Lazio were fortunate to take a point from Atalanta and “we were under pressure for the first time this season.”

The 1-1 result means Inter are now within two points of Inzaghi’s side and the two clubs meet in Rome on the final day of the season.

“This result doesn’t change a great deal in terms of the Champions League race,” Inzaghi told Mediaset Premium

Up in Milan, Luciano Spalletti says Inter are “playing better than at the start of the season” after the 4-0 win over Udinese on Sunday.

“The team did well and had the right attitude, taking the initiative straight away and scoring an early goal. We can only compliment the side,” their Coach told Mediaset Premium.

“All we can do is try to win our games, then we’ll see what happens with Lazio and Roma. The team has improved recently, but we have to prove it on a consistent basis.”

Spalletti was asked whether the Nerazzurri could possibly do without their hitman Icardi.

“It depends on who is replacing him. He is a top player, an exceptional finisher who has an eye for goal and knows where the ball is going. He doesn’t need to chase the ball, he meets it.

“He might be able to do more when it comes to taking part in the build-up, but he is working on that. In any case, he’s deadly in the box.”

There were reports in the papers this weekend that Inter were going to extend Spalletti’s contract regardless of whether they qualify for the Champions League.

“I have not asked for anything. What we saw today was a step forward for the future of Inter and we must carry that on. We have to remember this is not a normal team, so we can’t just do normal things, we need more to close the gap on the leaders.

“Inter are actually playing better than earlier this season, when we would bring home results with a few lucky incidents.”