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Has Inter Milan Put Mauro Icardi Up For Sale?

Wanda NaraAll we have heard from Erick Thohir and Suning is that Inter are building a team around the young talent like Mauro Icardi, Ivan Perisic and Marcelo Brozovic .

As recently as May 30, Thohir told Il Corriere dello Sport about the three:

“They are staying here and people can ask us for them as much as they want, we’re not letting them go,” Thohir told Il Corriere dello Sport.

“We’ve got a strategy. We want to have 16 players of the same value.

They don’t necessarily have to be superstars, but we are involved in the league and the Europa League and we’re going to need to rotate a lot.

As recent as last week, Gazzetta della Sport wrote that Suning and Mancini were at odds over this summer’s transfer targets with Suning wanting to sign youth and Mancini wanting to bring in more experienced targets. That story collaborates the earlier Corriere dello Sport article,

On Friday I wrote that Icardi’s agent, Wanda Icardi, who is also his wife, said that the Inter captain was going nowhere this summer:

“I talked to Atletico Madrid officials on behalf of Mauro,” she said. “There are so many offers but it’s hard to leave Inter.

“Atletico made an offer for Mauro but a departure is difficult due to his captain status and the fact we renewed our conditions last year.

“Atletico are really keen on Icardi. But he wants to stay at Inter.”

So imagine my surprise today when I saw Wanda’s rant that Inter has put their captain and top scorer up for sale!

“From what I’ve noticed, Inter are selling Icardi,” she told CalcioMercato.com.

“There are many clubs interested, we will assess the situation with the utmost respect for everyone.”

Wanda went on to say the Mauro would ideally prefer to remain at the Nerazzurri, and is regretful that he’s being made to leave because of a cash shortage.

“Mauro is very sorry to leave Inter, but we do understand the economic situation at the club and that they can’t afford to keep hold of him,” she continued.

“There is no release clause and we hope that Inter ask for a figure worthy of his contract, not just one influenced by the need to do business.”

Not finished there, she then went on a Twitter rampage, engaging with both fans and pundits, telling them

“Mauro doesn’t want to leave, it’s the club” and denying they were just pushing for an improved contract.

Cash shortage. I though that Suning had just put €200m into Inter? I know that the Icardi’s want to redo the contract he signed only 12 months ago, so is this a negotiating tactic by Inter’s new owners? If so why?

Inter fans were promised many things by Erik Thohir that never materialized. I hoped that Suning would be better stewards of the club than Thohir was.

But that does not appear to be the case., Hours after the agent of Inter’s captain stunned the erazzurri faithful that the club had put him up for sale, the club is conspicuously quiet. All it would take is for Roberto Mancini to tell the press at Inter’s pre-season training retreat that he was not for sale. But he didn’t and the longer this story lingers, the more distrust is will build between the new owners and the fans.

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