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Inter Milan President Tells Players They Will ‘Conquer The World’

Steven Zhang Inter

Inter Milan president Steven Zhang has targeted world domination in a rallying cry issued to his players at the club’s Christmas dinner.

Inter share top spot in Serie A with Juventus but were knocked out of the Champions League by Barcelona last week.

Despite his emotive speech, Zhang urged his players to remain humble in their pursuit of glory.

‘Right now, we are top of Serie A,’ said Zhang.

‘This means a lot to us; it means we are on the right path. All our efforts will be rewarded step by step.

‘Still, this doesn’t mean anything. We must remain humble; we must learn from the past. We need to stay focused.

‘Without courage and work, we can’t compete at the highest level. Both on and off the pitch.

‘Last week I spoke to the players and I said we will have some difficulties in the future, there are always obstacles to overcome.

‘This also applies to the next 100 years of this club, there will always be obstacles, but we must face them together.

‘We are not afraid of anything. Today, and in the future, it will take courage. Only in this way, we can aspire to and compete at the highest levels.

‘The difficulties of the past don’t matter. The future obstacles don’t matter. Together, all of us, this big family, we will conquer the world.

‘We are all united. Forza Inter!’