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Icardi Transfer Twist – Wanda Is Pregnant

wanda icardi

Inter Milan’s Mauro Icardi wants to join Juventus this summer because his wife Wanda Nara is pregnant and doesn’t want to leave Italy.

As reported in Italy, Nara is pregnant for the sixth time and has expressed the will, shared by Icardi, to give birth to and raise all her children in Italy.

Icardi has been linked with a move away from Milan for some time now, but perhaps won’t be moving too far in order to keep the family together and not create inconvenience to the children.

Inter are currently trying to offload Icardi in an attempt to raise funds for a deal for Manchester United’s Romelu Lukaku.

Turin-based club Juventus isn’t too far away from Milan, so a move there would be a simple and practical way to give the Icardi-Nara family greater stability.

A move to Juventus would mean less worry for both the children and Icardi, especially in a very delicate moment such as his wife’s pregnancy.

Fans of both clubs must be patient, but as far as it appears, the choice to go to Juventus is linked to this particular situation.

The pregnancy of Nara has therefore rewritten the destiny of her husband, who is waiting for Inter and Juventus to find a satisfactory agreement for both parties.

If it all goes ahead, the new Icardi and Nara child could be raised in Turin.