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FIFA 2010 World Cup South Africa: The Video Game

PES scoreI recently purchased the newest World Cup video game for PS3 titled 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa and I must admit that it is actually the best soccer game I have ever played.  The game is not too much different than the regular FIFA 10 installment, but the EA Sports game designers did brush up on some of the technical flaws of previous editions.  For example, goalies no longer act like kamikaze pilots sprinting full speed at every forward that enters the box now some actually patiently wait and attempt to catch your shot at the right angle in the net.

But the best thing about the game is all the World Cup flair that they added.  The sound of vuvuzelas is at the perfect pitch being not too loud, but noticeable in the background of the match.  The design of all the venues is very impressive as well.  The coaches faces are all pretty accurate and the team’s mostly resemble their true form.  Even the ball seems a little wackier when it flies through the air.  Also the fact that the game has 199 teams featured in it is unbelievable compared to the regular FIFA game that has around 36 teams. 

All in all the game is great to buy if you want the very best soccer game out there right now, but if you already own the regular version of FIFA then you might want to wait for that next installment because the game play certainly isn’t too much different between the two videogames.

Stay tuned though and tomorrow I will feature an article about who will win the World Cup.  On FIFA World Cup South Africa of course.  It will be the first insight into the World Cup final match simulated on the video game of course.  Who will win the virtual reality finals?  Stay tuned.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Stéphane Delbecque