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Dybala Says No To Manchester United

Paul Dybala Juventus

Paulo Dybala’s wage demands have ended a move from Juventus to Manchester United and hit Romelu Lukaku’s hopes of an Old Trafford exit before Thursday’s transfer deadline.

Despite Juventus and Manchester United agreeing an exchange deal between Romelu Lukaku and Dybala, the latest rumours from La Gazzetta dello Sport and others in Italy are that La Joya told his agent he doesn’t want to join Manchester United.

Manchester United say that they are no longer interested in Dybala because he wanted €12m plus bonuses in salary and another €15m commission for agent Jorge Antun, but there are other problems to consider too.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Dybala’s former agents Star Image have sent a legal letter to Manchester United warning them against a transfer.

That’s because they are in the middle of legal action against Dybala for breach of contract after he walked away from their deal to join a new agency in 2017.

It was a 10-year contract, so there is a lot of money potentially at stake for his image rights, with Star Image filing paperwork with the International Chamber of Commerce this week.

If they win, then Dybala and his club will be liable for up to €40m.

Juventus have made it clear to Dybala that they don’t want him and owever, that does not necessarily mean that Dybala will remain in Turin.

According to reports he would accept a transfer to a club in the Champions League or one he considers more suited to his style of football.

The Corriere dello Sport points towards Paris Saint-Germain, unsurprising considering the Ligue 1 giants have long been linked with the 25-year-old and director Leonardo is an admirer of attacker.

Another alternative for Dybala would be Inter in a swap for Mauro Icardi, a proposal that has been floating around since the start of the summer.

Inter have frozen Icardi out and he is rejecting transfers to Napoli and Roma because his heart is set on Juventus.

Nerazzurri director Beppe Marotta is the man who first brought Dybala to Juventus from Palermo and would relish a reunion.

If it were to happen, this exchange would be towards the very end of the transfer window, which in Serie A doesn’t close until September 2.