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Carlos Tevez Talks About His Preconceptions About Serie A

Carlos Tevez has revealed he thought Serie A was “slow” and that “nobody ran” before he signed for Juventus this summer.

The striker, who has scored three goals in six games for Juve, admits his preconceptions of the Italian game have changed since his arrival.

“I can tell you what I thought about Italian football,” he told Hurra Juventus. “I thought that nobody ran, that the game was slow, that it was easy. Now I can say that is not the case!

“I think this is the most difficult type of football that I have ever played in. Many of the small details are looked at. We work really hard on a physical and tactical level. I think it is the exact opposite to what I imagined.”

Tevez has inherited the No. 10 shirt at Juve, famously worn by Alessandro Del Piero. The decision to award him the jersey courted controversy at the time, but Tevez says he never let it bother him.

“Do you want to know the truth? I don’t think about these things, I don’t think about me having the Juventus No. 10,” he said.

“It would be like putting me under even more pressure. You can play well under pressure, but also badly and I think there is more chance of playing badly under those circumstances.

“That’s why I just play like I did when I was in my neighbourhood. I believe that is why things have gone well for me. I can’t start thinking about history.”