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Berlusconi: “Milan Have Never Been This Bad”

am-milan-ultrasPresident Silvio Berlusconi defended his decision to sack Sinisa Mihajlovic and replace him with Cristian Brocchi saying “We’ve never seen Milan play so badly.”

A poll from La Gazzetta dello Sport showed that a whopping 92% of 13,000 Rossoneri supporters were against the decision to fire Mihajlovic, but Berlusconi is sticking by his guns and insists he made the right decision for the club.

“Dear Rossoneri friends,” wrote Berlusconi on his official Facebook page.

“The decision to hand Milan to Christian Brocchi has sparked a lot of debate. All opinions are legitimate, naturally: this choice, dictated by my sense of responsibility, is as with every choice free to be criticised by anyone.

“What I cannot share, though, is that my love for Milan is put into doubt. I have always been in love with Milan and the decisions I made in 30 years of presidency have always and exclusively been in the interests of Milan and all those who love it.

“I proudly defend all my choices from the first to the last, which is to correct with a change of Coach a trend of football that was not up to the history of AC Milan.

“Let us be clear, aside from the results, we have never seen Milan play so badly. With that in mind, at the end of the season and not now, evaluating the concrete results of this choice, we can make the best decisions in the interests of our Milan.”