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Berlusconi Manages To Criticize Milan Fans Again

Silvio BerlusconiSome people never know when to shut-up and AC Milan owner Silvio Berlusconi is one of one. Berlusconi was talking about his proposed sale of a 70% stake in Milan to a Chinese conglomerate, and the could not stop himself from taking a dig at the club’s supporters.

“There are still negotiations. I confess I have to meet our directors, who are working on the deal, tomorrow [on Tuesday], so I can’t give you a precise answer [on their progress] at this point,” he told Telelombardia.

“What can the Milan fans expect? That their President Berlusconi makes a correct choice, and that it’s a choice that guarantees them owners who are committed to making funds each year to ensure AC Milan are the new protagonists of Italy, Europe and the world.

“I think that would be a fitting end to 30 years of management. We met a dozen groups wanting to take over from us at Milan, but we discarded them one by one because we felt that none of them would offer sufficient guarantees for the future.

“If this opportunity with major Chinese companies falls through then AC Milan should start again with young Italians.

“At that point, the Milan fans should also agree to a period of patience with the club.

“Unfortunately, the fans, from what I’ve seen by their recent reactions, have neither patience nor memory.

“They made unpleasant statements and weren’t mindful of Milan’s results over these 30 years.”