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Beppe Marotta: ‘We Are Waiting For Icardi’

Mauro Icardi

Speaking before the Derby della Madonnina, Inter director Beppe Marotta said he wanted to see a “strong performance, aside from the points” against Milan, but again discussed the Mauro Icardi situation.

“Even if Milan are at this moment one point ahead, there are very strong motivations on all sides,” the director told Sky Sport Italia.

Have Inter shaken off Thursday’s Europa League exit to Eintracht Frankfurt?

“Clearly, it left bitterness in all the fans, club members and players. We were missing nine first choice players in the squad, but we lost deservedly and were eliminated.

“This gives us another opportunity to wipe out the bitterness from that night and, aside from the points, it must also reflect a strong performance.”

Icardi has still not resumed training with the team since he was stripped of the captaincy on February 13, officially due to a knee injury, despite the medics giving him the all-clear.

Marotta was asked not when Icardi would return, but if he deserved to return?

“Of course, Icardi is an Inter player to all effects and he deserves to be in the squad. We’re just waiting for the matter to be resolved.

“I don’t know if he’s in the stadium or if he should be, it’s all relative. This is one of the issues we’ll have to face, but I don’t want to discuss any other analysis in this venue.

“I’ll just say we have been discussing them behind closed doors and there is openness from all parties to get the situation resolved.

“My optimism comes from the fact there are intelligent people with good common sense, so our hope is to rediscover an important player who has given a lot to Inter and a squad that could do with his contribution.

“Having said that, there are rules and decisions that are made and must be respected. This is a very delicate and important matter, but I’d have to be here for an hour discussing it. We are trying to concentrate on this game.”